by Eva Ras

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released March 16, 2016

Filip Stojiljkovic - Vocals, Bass, Drums, Guitar



all rights reserved


Eva Ras Serbia


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Track Name: Ask For Answers
Camus has exposed: shooting a man all alone on the beach.
Nietzche has exposed: “We’ll be in long pain and evil” Zarathustra said.
Sigmund has exposed: lying on the ground in front of Iron Curtain.
Adorno has exposed: shoving Lucky Charms down Mann’s throat all of the lives.
We’ll keep asking for what we cannot find out.
We’ll keep asking for why are we worth living.
we'll keep asking, forever.
Track Name: I Laugh To Myself About Sad Things And Camus
These crooked smiles i’m having on the streets
Something i need to talk to someone else with
Never let go and never let off.
Track Name: Never Again
I don’t want to
listen to all of you.
I don’t want to look back
to your lying views.
I don’t want to be
gnawed all over by all of you
and shake my head over and over
over and over again.

I try to forget everything
that you take it out on me.
What did i ever do
to make you all to get all pissy.
But, then you crossed my last line,
it’s time for me to throw out faces.
You know you’ll be sorry,
when i get to cross your line.

Nobody will ever touch me,
Nobody, never again. (x4)

Take the heat,
Break a leg,
Take the gun
and blow your head.
Track Name: Jebem Ti Život
To je sve
Nema više
Postojala je granica
ali nema ga trenutno
Kotrljam se beskrajno
Jebem ti život


That's it
There's no more
There was a border,
But it's gone at the moment
I'm rolling endlessly
Fucking life...
Track Name: Smiles and Laughters Don’t Go Quite Together
"it's a godawful small affair,
to the girl with a mousy hair.
But her mommy is yelling no
and her daddy has told her to--"

Hold your head,
Separate your hands.
Flay your own fiber
then let go of your lands.
You’re crestfallen
when things go out of hands.
You then understand,
When you’re off with your strands.

[Oh, my god
what am i doing?
Am i going deaf?
I’m suffocating.
i’m fucking dying
In this void.
What do i even think of being here?
Why do i even think of ever being there?
It’s too embarrassing, it’s too humiliating,
i must fly away.]

Let go of your head,
regain your hands.
get under the cover,
fly back to your lands.
you changed your mind,
things went out of hands.
You’ll never understand,
There’s something with your head.